Eru ("The One, He that is Alone", "the One God", a proper name that can hardly be used as a common noun meaning "god" in general. The form Eru corresponds to Enu in early “Qenya” material, LT2:343. Genitive Eruo, VT43:32; dative Erun, VT44:32). Other names/titles: Ilúvatar "Father of All", Ainatar *"Holy-Father". GOD (in general, "a god") aino (this word from PE15:72 is the equivalent of ainu within Tolkien's mythos, but since aino could be interpreted as simply a personalized form of aina "holy", it can perhaps be adapted as a general word for "god" or "holy one"). PAGAN GOD ainu, PAGAN GODDESS aini (angelic spirit, holy one). (As Christopher Tolkien notes, the Ainur are of course not "pagan" to the people of Middle-earth. In Etym and Silm, Ainu/Aini is capitalized.) SON OF GOD (Jesus) Eruion, MOTHER OF GOD (Mary, in Tolkien's Quenya renderings of Catholic prayers) Eruamillë (also Eruontari, Eruontarië *"God-begetter") –Silm:15/396/431, Letters:387, VT44:16-17, 34, LT1:248 cf. AYAN and Silm:426, VT43:32, VT44:7, 16-17, 18 34

Quettaparma Quenyallo (English-Quenya). 2014.


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